Gobik off-road and gravel kit: the buyer's guide

Freeride, gravel, mountain biking, bikepacking... we take a closer look at the Gobik collection designed so that nothing stops us beyond the asphalt

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Summer usually goes very well with adventure and travel, although the spirit of exploration can be extended to any time of the year. In those cases, improvisation often wins over planning, so it's necessary to have the right material that allows you that flexibility, whether that's having everything you need at hand on long gravel rides, to explore your freeride side on a circuit or in the mountains, to adventure with your e-bike, or to look for comfort when travelling around the city. 

Gobik has in its catalogue the ideal clothing so that nothing can stop you as well as provide you with the technical quality to achieve comfort and performance.

Maximum Freedom T-shirts

Short sleeve Terrain T-shirt men / women - £56
Long sleeve Terrain T-shirt men / women - £64
Short sleeve Volt T-shirt men - £73

Attentive to new ways of understanding cycling, Gobik has incorporated in this 2022 season technical and light jerseys for your mountain bike, gravel, e-bike rides... or whatever your inner you is asking for. There are two models available, the Terrain and the Volt, both made with highly breathable fabrics that allow quick drying and good moisture management. They are an undeniable all-rounder and, although their essence is comfort, they are designed to achieve the best possible performance in demanding situations, especially away from the tarmac. 

While the Terrain model is designed for maximum freedom of movement with a loose-fitting pattern, lightweight fabrics and no pockets - so it can even be worn casually - the Volt does allow storage of small items in the back and incorporates a useful inner waistband so it can fit close to the body.

The Volt has two open side pockets for easy access and a third central zipped pocket for safe storage of valuables. These features make it ideal for long distance cycling, gravel and bikepacking adventures.

These two technical jerseys, available in short and long sleeves (Terrain only), can be combined with the Commander bib shorts and the Ranger shorts (ideal for freeride, enduro or e-bike rides), the Commuter shorts (designed for city, relaxed or casual riding), or the new Grit cargo bib.

Grit bib-shorts: Cargo and Technical

Grit bib men / women - £107

When Gobik released its off road collection at the beginning of the 2022 summer season, it left room for one of the jewels in the crown, the Grit cargo shorts. Designed for gravel and bikepacking, the shorts contain pockets and responds to a natural evolution of the needs of the rider looking to get away from the tarmac and dig into a touring spirit. It is durable, efficient and designed for long rides.

It has four pockets: two side pockets on each leg and two on the lower back. They are large enough to store small personal items, bars and anything else you might need for several hours, or days, away from home. 

To achieve this durability, Gobik has used a slightly heavier and more solid lycra so that it can withstand rubbing and scratches from branches. In addition, it has a new design: the legs are shorter as a result of the implementation of a new pattern that responds to the feedback collected from many gravel riders. 

Another noteworthy element of the Grit bib shorts are the shoulder straps, made with a ribbed textile structure, which facilitates breathability and comfort. It is completed with the K10 pad in the men's model and the K9 pad in the women's model, which Gobik already uses in its high-end road bib shorts such as the Absolute and the Limited 5.0. The foam has an elastic memory and allows sweat to be extracted very effectively, making it a double winner: it allows you to absorb obstacles on uneven terrain comfortably, while remaining effective for long days on the bike. 

Although the Grit is intended to be worn alone, it could also be combined with the Commuter and Ranger baggy shorts and the Volt jersey with pockets.

Multi-purpose shorts

Ranger shorts men - £73
Commuter shorts men - £69

Versatility and comfort is what best defines these shorts that are destined to become a key piece of your wardrobe, whether on or off the bike. 

The Ranger model is specially designed to offer the precise fit for mountain biking, gravel or e-bike riding. It is slightly baggy, made from lightweight and durable stretch polyamide fabric, knee-length and has a secure side pocket to hold small valuables. For a better fit, the elasticated waistband with Velcro tabs allows it to adapt to any physiognomy. 

 It does not have a pad, but it incorporates inner loops that allow it to be attached to the Commander inner bibs so that they are almost a single piece together. 

The Commuter short, on the other hand, largely shares the pattern of the Ranger, but unlike this one, it has open pockets on the front and a fly, which transforms it into a street shorts.

However, the consistency of the nylon-based fabric, the not-too-baggy leg length and the knee-length make it also a trouser for sports wear. It has great performance for mountain biking, gravel, e-bike or, why not, urban cycling.

Commander: the inner secret

Commander bib man - £99
Commander back protector - £24

If there is one thing that has characterised Gobik, it is the attention to detail. Beyond the technical finishes, the clothing brand from Spain has always liked to add touches that respond to its philosophy. On one of the legs of the Commander inner cargo bib, the phrase "You are one of mine" is screen-printed. A statement of intent on a garment that was specially designed not to be seen. 

The Commander bib shorts, made of a stretch mesh fabric, respond to the need to find solutions for those cyclists who need flexibility and freedom of movement, but without losing performance. Designed to be an undergarment, it provides exceptional ventilation and extra comfort, which is completed with a second-skin effect wrap-around bib straps. It contains side pockets on both legs, three easily accessible back pockets and a large back pocket for the Gobik back protector already available in the catalogue. This is a piece of visco-elastic foam with a 3D finish and outstanding impact absorption values. It is highly flexible so that it follows the movement of the body without friction.  

The Commander bib shorts, which have the K7 pad, designed for long bike rides, are an excellent complement to the Ranger shorts and can be fastened to them thanks to side loops with snap fasteners. 

More info about sizes and the Gobik collection on Gobik.com

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