More riding, fewer choices: Pas Normal Studios Mechanism deep winter bibs

Winter rides may be a reality to be experienced, but they are also a problem to be solved

This article was produced in association with Pas Normal Studios. 

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard once said, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” However, did Søren Kierkegaard ever contemplate clothing solutions for riding a bike in the chilly inclemency of a European winter? Kierkegaard is renowned for being perhaps the first existentialist philosopher – he rooted his questions about life and existence in the self, experience and subjectivity; however, when deciding what to wear on a winter ride, the individual needs to be less concerned with abstract self-reflection than rational choices about concrete truths.

Winter rides may be a reality to be experienced, but they are also a problem to be solved: what temperature, what clothes and how comfortable? Pas Normal Studios, who have been sending out quality, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and high-functioning cycling clothing from their base in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2015, know that the time they spend thinking and reflecting deeply about these problems is time saved for riders who want to make a quick decision about what to wear on a ride, and the company’s new Mechanism Deep Winter Bibs make that decision easy.

The bibs are designed for fast riding in cold conditions, featuring a three-layer fabric with Windtex Pro Membrane, new for this winter, which will add protection from wind and rain, and a brushed fleece backing for extra insulation. The bib’s raised front adds protection from the elements, while reflective strips enhance visibility in overcast conditions. A mesh back panel works with whichever base layer and outer you have chosen, while the soft elastic straps mould to the body’s form.

A snug, aero fit means that no speed is sacrificed while staying warm, and these shorts are suitable for long rides, speed sessions and even early season races, either on their own or paired with leg warmers for colder days. A four-layer ultralight foam chamois means they are comfortable to ride in, and the latest iteration of the shorts is available in four colours: black, Navy, Olive and new Mahogany.

We have shot the men’s fit here, but the Mechanism Deep Winter Bib is also available in the women’s range. Pas Normal Studio’s Mechanism collection is designed to be fast and technical, with the perfect balance of performance and good looks.

One of the central tenets of Kierkegaard’s philosophy and theology was the ‘leap of faith’: a conclusion based not on rationality or evidence. However, there’s no need to take a leap of faith with the Mechanism Deep Winter Bib – all the evidence that it is fast, warm, comfortable and stylish is already there, in the reality of the riding experience.

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