ASSOS UMA GTV women’s bib shorts - First Look

The UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2 make nature breaks much easier while out on the road

While ASSOS bib shorts have long been regarded as some of the most comfortable on the market thanks to the chamois, there has been one area in which the Swiss brand has been slightly underperforming: solutions for nature breaks. Previous iterations of ASSOS bib shorts feature a clasp on the front straps, meaning that to remove the bibs, they have to be pulled over the head. 

With the all new UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2, however, ASSOS have offered a neater nature break solution by adding clasps on the rear of the shorts — something that will prove game-changing for endurance rides.

We all know the grim feeling of having to take off jackets, gilets and jerseys to pee while out on a ride. Squatting in your base layer in a muddy field or behind a wall with the cold wind biting. It is not the most pleasant of experiences.

Luckily, manufacturers are starting to wake up and notice the demand for cycling apparel which can solve this problem. Brands such as Rapha, Specialized and Velocio led the way in this department — all providing solutions in their bib shorts and tights, albeit in different ways. Some opted for clasps at the rear, while others used fabric that would stretch far enough to be pulled down. Either way, the female cyclist now has options when it comes to nature breaks.


ASSOS joining this party is a welcome addition. With UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2, the brand has done away with the previous solution of a clasp at the front, and instead has put two magnetic clasps at the rear of the bib shorts. All it takes is a quick flick of the closure and the shorts are separated from the bibs, able to be pulled down without removing jackets, shells or jerseys. ASSOS has dubbed this feature “Bisiclick”, with the strong magnetic properties of the clasps ensuring that they won’t be undone unintentionally while riding along.

Though this clasp feature is the most eye-catching new element on the UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2, ASSOS has also made changes to the main body of fabric on the garment. New to the UMA range, the shorts are made from the OSSIDIA textile. It's a lightweight material which is compressive without being uncomfortably restrictive, also with in-built odour control and active cooling. The colour of the bib shorts gets a subtle upgrade too, now a deeper shade of black. The gold ASSOS logo, rather than the traditional white and black, is another nice touch that gives the shorts a premium feel.

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ASSOS bib shorts commonly sit on the hips with a lower waistline than some alternatives from other brands. The new UMA GTV C2s, however, feature a ‘Tech Sheen’ mesh insert which sits on the lower abdomen. Not only does this lead to a more flattering style, it will also be an asset during aggressive efforts in the drops and when breathing heavily. ASSOS call this the “zeroPressure Waist”, designed for all-day cycling. The leg grippers at the bottom of the shorts are made from an ultralight material which eliminates seams and creates a secure hold, ensuring the shorts won’t move up the legs during long rides. 

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Aside from the construction of the shorts, ASSOS has kept the X-Frame bib suspension design that is common across most of its models which stabilises the bib shorts and ensures the insert stays in place. The chamois itself uses ASSOS famed GoldenGate technology, meaning there is no stitching on either side of the panel, allowing the chamois to move with your body and hence reducing friction. Combined with the 3D waffle foam which eliminates excess weight and increases breathability, the UMA GTV bib shorts leave no stone unturned when it comes to comfort.

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While it's been known for a long time that ASSOS bib shorts are some of the best out there, the new UMA GTV C2 bib shorts are set to raise the bar even further. It's clear that ASSOS have listened to the demands and female customers by adding its handy nature break solution, while keeping the core elements of the bib shorts which make them leaders in the field. Sold at £210, the bib shorts are undeniably on the pricier end of the spectrum. However, when considering the quality, and the fact that they are designed for endurance rides, the cost per use goes a long way to justify the price point.

The ASSOS UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2 are available to purchase from ASSOS now, and we’ll have a full, in-depth review coming soon.

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