3T’s Dreambox: What it is and why you want one

A special edition Exploro bike in very fancy packaging, the Dreambox is also a selection of some of the best bits from the Italian cycling industry

Usually, the box your bike arrives in gets stomped on and chucked into the recycling. The box that houses 3T’s 60th-anniversary edition Exploro bike comes in its own box and costs €4,900. Actually, ‘box’ isn’t quite grand enough a description. Essentially a kind of motorised garage, not only does the Dreambox provide shelter for a special edition Racemax Exploro bike, it arrives packed full of equipment from Fizik, Campagnolo, Kask, Castelli, and Koo.

Looking like a chubby version of the monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the bike emerges via remote control from its house as the interior of the box slides open on castors driven by a silent motor. Revealing a space around the size of the average London new-build flat, this includes both lighting and inbuilt shelves holding equipment including shoes, helmet, sunglasses and an enormous Campagnolo corkscrew.

See the 3T Dreambox at Rouleur Live in London

Aiming to showcase the best of Italian cycling engineering, the Dreambox and special edition Exploro are also intended to highlight that 3T has recently brought its frame production back in-house. Formerly made in Asia, the firm is switching to a less labour intensive and more efficient production system for its carbon frames. Bringing their creation back to Presezzo, Italy, it’ll be able to provide greater oversight of these processes while again being free to apply the made in Italy sticker to each of its frames.

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The bike itself is also a showcase for the Italian bike industry. With the frame once again made in-house, the bike is spray painted in Villorba near Milan. The innovative 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar groupset is sourced from Vicenza, while the custom rotors come from Carbon-Ti. Tyres come courtesy of Pirelli, while Fizik provides the 3D-printed Antares saddle while Elite adds the bottle cages. Of course, 3T volunteers many of the other components, including the carbon SuperErgo LTD stealth handlebar, Carbon Torno LTD crankset, and Charlie Sqaero seatpost.Done up in a moody looking black and metallic blue to match the box, you’ll also get every accessory and piece of clothing you need to go from nude to ready to ride. The cost? €19,610. Prospective buyers or general gawkers will be able to take a look at one of the sixty sets to be made at the upcoming Rouleur live show.

Running 4th-6th November, you can find more information and tickets here.

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