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Cycling Through a Pandemic - Jonathan Heard

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This book tells the stories of cyclists from around the world who escaped Covid-19 and the endless news cycles for a brief moment, by escaping to the vastness and peacefulness of nature. These are stories of perseverance and the human spirit, spectacular landscapes and the pure and simple joy that riding a bike can bring you.

Author, Jonathan Heard and Komoot have created this photo anthology with all production profits going to World Bicycle Relief. 

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The pandemic has affected everyone, regardless of location, gender, age or race, it has shaken us, the earth and the status quo. This has been an incredibly tough and often tragic time, for some, it was a time of rest and reflection, for others it was a time of struggle and survival. Our contributors share their stories about what cycling has meant to them during this difficult period and how it’s affected their lives. Each story offers a unique insight into the lives of adventurous cyclists in their home countries, portraying the magnificent diversity of people and landscapes across the world. 

The virus has created an opportunity for us to stop and take stock of what’s actually important and see things from a different perspective. How can we become more sustainable, how can we improve the health and equality of our society? Restrictions have taught us to be more appreciative of what we have and they’ve also led us to be more aware of our decisions and their consequences.

The restriction of our social lives meant losing contact with the people we love and care for, creating a global feeling of isolation as we retreated into our limited social bubbles. We sacrificed birthdays, celebrations, weddings and a proper chance to meet up with friends. Perhaps this change of pace is what the planet needed, a glimpse into our future if we don’t reconsider our choices.

Despite the chaos that the pandemic brought about, the ability to be outdoors and in nature remained a much needed constant for so many of us. With indoor activities and group events cancelled, we took to the hills, lakes and oceans, which remained steadfast and ever beautiful. Cycling became a new hobby and source of relief and entertainment for many people, while for others, it became an obsession and escape from the world. Cycling has been a silver lining of this pandemic, a tool for independence, discovery and freedom. 

Cycling Through a Pandemic is dedicated to the amazing international community of cyclists who all share a passion for adventuring by bicycle. We’re delighted to have connected with so many incredible, helpful and friendly people with this project. This book finds pockets of positivity and moments of escapism during the pandemic, through these stories, we hope that you can feel like you’ve done some travelling. 

Read on and let the stories of these trailblazing cyclists transport you to picturesque forests deep in Patagonia, across glistening salt flats in the Utah desert, and along the shores of idyllic Malaysian islands.


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