Bespoke adventures for private, corporate and charity groups. Rouleur Travel will showcase the very best roads, dining and culture from across the world of cycling. Trips and experiences spanning the world, visiting iconic cycling locations, brands and factories, restaurants, climbs, cultural sites and more.
Rouleur Bespoke provides clients with their own private group experience at any location in the world. We design the event hand in hand with every client and provide a turnkey service from hotels and logistics and guiding through to special guests and content creation.
Launching October 2023

Corporates & Charities

Our clients direct access to our full logistics and support team, pro riders, brands and partners.Bespoke events can vary from single day events to complex multi-day point to point challenges at any global destination. Rouleur Bespoke is fully integrated with the Rouleur media group and well positioned to create beautiful inspiring content in video, photography or print for your corporate event.

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Brands & Partners

Rouleur Travel provides brands with direct access to our engaged audience and members. As well as this direct relationship with our members Rouleur Travel is able to design and run events in global locations, working with Rouleur media to produce campaigns, product launches and client events.

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Private Groups

We offer private groups tailor made life changing experiences that cover a full spectrum of cycling and non cycling experiences.  Alongside cycling guests may choose to hike, sail, swim, run or simply soak up the food and culture.

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Issue 19.1 - Travel Edition - Rouleur

Multi Sport

Although iconic cycling routes and culture is at the core of our events our tailor made experiences cover a full range of cycling and non cycling activities, designed for cyclists and non cyclists to all enjoy the fabulous food, walks and culture.

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