Rouleur Conversations podcast: Ned Boulting's Road Book and Simon Mottram from Rapha

The 2020 Road Book, edited by Ned Boulting, is now in stock at the Rouleur store. Ned joins us to run through this most peculiar season of Covid-19 affected bike racing, starting with the UAE Tour back in February, all the way through to the Vuelta in November. This mighty tome reflects on what Ned desribes as a “scintillating season, from start to finish, providing us with a fabulous diversion from the pandemic for just a few months.” Hear hear.

We have 100 copies signed by Ned in stock ready for Christmas delivery. Order yours here

Did you know Rouleur was backed and owned by Rapha back in 2006? Simon Mottram, Rapha’s founder, tells us how frequent meetings and copious cups of coffee with Guy Andrews resulted in the launch of a radical new magazine, the wafer-thin issue 1, costing £9, and how Rouleur spread its wings and grew alongside the famous clothing brand. It’s quite a story.


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Issue 1 cover


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