Tour de France 2024 standings: the final results

The latest results and standings from the Tour de France 2024

There aren't many sporting events in the world that happen almost continuously for three weeks, which means following a Grand Tour can sometimes be hard to follow with the same continuity throughout.

The Tour de France is the biggest race of the lot, with millions of people tuning in, catching up, and analysing the results of each stage. Of course, the daily happenings don't just have an impact on the stage win, with numerous changes across each of the Tour's prestigious classifications.

If you're looking for the latest Tour de France results, then you've come to the right place. We've got you covered, and we'll keep the standings updated every day.

Tour de France 2024 stage 21 results


Tour de France 2024 classification results

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Tour de France 2024 classifications explained


Each of the 21 stages of the Tour de France has a single winner, so a different results sheet every day. The results from the stage contribute to all the classifications apart from the mountains (unless the stage features a summit finish). The first three across the finish line respective receive bonus seconds of 10, 6, and 4 that contribute to the general and youth classifications.

General classification

The general classification is the ranking of accumulated time across the entire race. The rider with the lowest total time gets the honour of wearing the Tour's iconic yellow jersey.

Points classification

The points classification is represented by the green jersey and is usually one for the sprinters. Points are awarded on the finish line and at intermediate sprints in the middle of stages.

Mountains classification

The mountains classification also works on a points system, though these points are only awarded at the top of classified climbs. The number of points awarded depends on the categorisation of the climb, while summit finishes usually award extra points. The classification is represented by the polka-dot jersey and, while many climbers break clear to try to accrue points, it is often a GC contender who walks away with the polka-dot jersey at the end of the race.

Youth classification

The youth classification works in the same way as the general classification, but only riders who will be under 26 by the end of the calendar year qualify for it. They get to wear the white jersey if they lead the classification.

Team classification

The leading squad in the team classification gets to wear yellow numbers and helmets to represent their lead in the standings, which is calculated by adding the times of the three best riders of each team per stage (time bonuses don't count towards it).

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