Rouleur podcast: Yanto Barker and Phil Anderson

“I wanted to create something with integrity and authenticity. Our USP is my insight from having been a professional racer.”

Yanto Barker explains how 20,000 hours of riding as a pro inspired his quest to make better kit with his clothing brand Le Col. “I’m one of those rare people who will say the customer is wrong, which my team find really uncomfortable, but the fact is I am an expert.”

And we hear from the first non-European to wear the Maillot Jaune, the Australian great Phil Anderson. More than forty years since he took the Yellow Jersey after an epic day in the Pyrenees he can still remember every detail. What’s more surprising is that it was his first Grand Tour, and his first ever taste of riding in the big mountains.

“My teammate said, no don’t look down the road, you’ve gotta look up there and I looked above the clouds at these misty peaks of the mountains, and I’d never seen anything like that before.” Phil, one of the guests at this year’s Rouleur Classic event, recalls that seminal day and other highlights from his career with host Ian Parkinson.

Le Col

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