Rouleur podcast: Six Day London with Mark Cavendish, Caleb Ewan, Owain Doull

Mark Cavendish, Caleb Ewan and Owain Doull guide us through the upcoming Six Day London at the Lee Valley Velopark.

How does Cav make sense of the Madison? Will Caleb find his track legs in his first ever Six? And can Owain and the vastly experienced Cavendish topple the talented Italian duo of Viviani and Consonni?

Ian Parkinson visits Christian Dagnoni in Milan to marvel over his family’s stunning collection of dernys and pacing  – or ‘stayer’ – motorbikes featured in issue 18.8. It’s an exhilarating discipline riding behind one of these beasts, with 78kph covered in one hour at the Vigorelli stadium back in the day…


Belt-driven 2000cc Motul, 1930s – pic: Paolo Martelli

Plus, our Desirable Stuart Clapp is back from the Worlds in Yorkshire with a dose of ‘Harrogate fever’, still marvelling over Annemiek van Vleuten’s stunning solo win. He has a survival guide for the upcoming Rouleur Classic and a fun anecdote featuring an autograph hunter. Will he get to the end? We very much doubt it…

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Mayer 2200cc, 1920s

Jacques Anquetil’s derny

Triumph Thunderbird


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