Rouleur podcast: Lachlan Morton and Emily Chappell

We are going long distance for a change on the latest Rouleur podcast. 

Lachlan Morton of EF Education First joins us to explain his thinking behind tackling some unusual and challenging events this season, a million miles away from the standard pro road racers’ fare. 

From the GB Duro – Land’s End to John O’Groats mostly on bridleways and country lanes – which Morton won, through to the legendary Three Peaks cyclo-cross in Yorkshire, the Australian has been riding with a big grin on his face having previously considered packing in road racing for a career. 

Emily Chappell

We also speak to another lover of ultra-distance racing, Emily Chappell, a former bicycle courier and women’s winner of the Transcontinental Race in 2016. Emily has an excellent new book out, Where There’s a Will, detailing her trials and tribulations on the road and in life, which we highly recommend. 

Also, Desire editor Stuart Clapp gets the backstory and hears about the latest tweaks to the famous Castelli Gabba, the poor weather jacket of choice for the pro peloton. Ian Parkinson even lets him finish his interview without fading out…

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