Rouleur podcast: Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, Rayner Foundation and Ribble

The always-ebullient Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig joins Ian Parkinson to explain how she went from stacking supermarket shelves to being a major talent in the Women’s World Tour, with podium finishes this year at Trofeo Alfredo Binda, Tour of Flanders and La Course.

The young Dane moves to a French team next season, and promises to keep her attacking style. “That’s how I love racing, the harder the better.” 

The Dave Rayner Foundation recently acquired charitable status, good news for the fund that aids young riders racing abroad. Former friend and team-mate Tim Harris and his partner Joscelin Ryan tell us about Dave and where the money raised goes, with a long list of household names who have benefitted from the fund’s support, and we are joined by two young Rayner-funded riders. 

Our Desire editor Stuart Clapp knows a fine looking bike when he sees one. Wandering the bling-filled aisles of the Rouleur Classic, his attention is drawn to a brand formerly known for being cheap and cheerful – Ribble. They have upped their game considerably of late, with some smashing machines coming out of the north of England, but are still excellent value. Stu gets the lowdown on the e-bike used by Sean Yates and a stunning 24 carat goldleaf build making its debut at the show.  

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