Other Voices

Hats off to this generation’s ideas for positive cycling change.

“We need to make cycling more normal for everybody – for all races, all genders – and to see it as a more normal way of transport for everyone.”

Thea, IslingtonThea, Islington

“Our road architecture is pretty poor, and our cycling routes are potholed. We need people to cycle more to make for a better world.”

Desmond, LondonDesmond, London

“Make it more inclusive, encourage more women to cycle and make infrastructure better – repair the roads and make proper segregated cycle lanes that are clearly marked.”

Rose, KentRose, Kent

“Better promotion and understanding for drivers to give cyclists more space on the road.”

Said, SpainSaid, Spain

“I think trans-inclusion in cycling would make the sport better. I want everybody to be able to race and ride with whatever category they see fit and feel comfortable with.”

Bailey, NebraskaBailey, Nebraska

“Implement and improve sustainable transport infrastructure so people can cycle safely and ensure it is acceptable for disabled cyclists.”

Aisling, BelfastAisling, Belfast

“Create more of a platform for young people to get into the sport competitively – anything from recreational club cycling to giving more options if they want to progress it further.”

Tim, LondonTim, London

“Increase representation across the board – more black and brown people and more opportunities for women.”

Lewis, NottinghamLewis, Nottingham

“You’ve just got to show people how much joy cycling can bring to your life.”

Harriet, LondonHarriet, London

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