Elite Fuoripista: the exquisite home trainer taking the bull by the horns

There are people who allow training to be a big part of their life, then there are people who want it to also be a part of their furniture as well. These are exactly the kind of people Adriano Design and Elite have created the Fuoripista home trainer bike for. The meticulously crafted wood and glass frame ergonomically fits together as if Mother Nature had designed it herself.

Elite are not new to the home training market, they have their own range of interactive and non-interactive turbo trainers and rollers. Therefore the collaboration with Adriano Design was to marry technology and beauty. Known for luxury contemporary design, the Italian designers have worked on projects as vast as pool and foosball tables, to coffee making machines and wood burning stoves.


The Fuoripista stands proud with its 20kg glass flywheel quietly whirring; its analogue and digital technology ensures all your sweat and tears (of joy…obviously) are recorded on your preferred training platform, such as Zwift, TrainerRoad or Elite’s very own app. With its built in tablet stand, power meter and precise gear modulation, it won’t just stand there looking pretty. 

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But does this €16,000 piece of fitness art warrant its bullish price tag? Salim Mottaghi, a designer for Adriano Design who worked on the project, tells Rouleur why they decided now is the time for your exercise bike to be kept out on full display.

Rouleur: What has been the most common reaction when people first see the bike?
Salim Mottaghi: They usually say “Wow, what a piece of art!”, but the best reaction we receive is their amazement when they sit on the saddle, start pedaling and they’re amazed by the smoothness and how realistic the feel and simulation is to riding a real bike. 

What made you decide to design a home trainer like this?
We have been revolutionising the nature of the products we design for years, thus always reinventing them. We are cycling enthusiasts, so we don’t like the idea of relegating the training bike to the garage or spare room, because it’s supposedly not worthy of being among the home furnishings. So we designed a beautiful, fascinating, high quality and great performance piece… it’s just like having a top class race bike.

Where did you take your inspiration from for the design?
Our design comes from its function – we don’t look for an inspiration, we just pull together a design that looks to rewrite the rules. It’s about a new technical approach where the product itself takes shape and is slowly refined until it has its own identity, soul and personality.

When people first see it, the image of a horse or bull springs to mind. What do you see?
We see a bull, the symbol of our city, Turin. A beautiful, rampant bull. 

What do you think is the most impressive part of the trainer?
The most impressive part of the bike is its hidden technology. It’s hardly visible. We worked a lot on this, we wanted to create the most beautiful bike on the market but also the best performing bike too.


The bike is designed to express a clean, rational, minimalist shape; where some of the highest quality materials are worked by talented Italian handicraftsman and are integrated with some of the best technology for full connectivity. It has fully adjustable handlebars and saddle and all the wood is treated so it’s easy to keep clean. 

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The display positioned on the handlebar shows your gearing which many modern-day apps don’t show. Levers control front and back gearing as well as wattage; and the hidden battery compartment between the rear legs has a ten hour life when fully charged. 

How long did it take from initial concept to production?
Two years! We initially worked on basic concepts such as dismantling the technological parts, then the development of the technology combined with its performance. It was extraordinary teamwork between Adriano Design and Elite, leaning on their great expertise and research. It was some project to try and pull off.

How many orders for the bike do you have so far?
The right answer is too many. We were stunned by the results of the first exhibition, which forced us to review our production plans. It’s nice to see that a lot of people want the Fuoripista and thankfully they are also willing to wait for it to be produced.

Where are the majority of your potential customers based?
We have requests from all over the world. Of course the countries where the passion for cycling is more developed, are those from which we have the greatest demand. But it’s a product that pleases both the professional and the cycling enthusiast. 

It’s not just the world of furniture design that appreciates us, it’s also considered a piece of art from those who love to own beautiful things.


How much does it weigh?
It weighs about 70kg which gives it great stability. And because it weighs so much, that was another reason for why it had to look so beautiful. Then you don’t have to keep moving it in and out of your spare room.

What was the reaction to it at Eurobike?
It was fantastic, everyone talked about Fuoripista, it was one of the iconic products of this edition.

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What do people say when you tell them how much it costs?
‘I want it!’ It’s certainly not a cheap product, but those who ask for the price after seeing it are already aware that they’re buying an out-of-the-ordinary, great quality product. When one asks how much does a Ferrari or a Riva motorboat cost, they are fully aware that the price is proportional to the exclusiveness and exceptionality of the work.

When will the first one actually be in someone’s home?
The first lucky customers will be able to pedal on their own Fuoripista by the end of November. 

The Fuoripista will be on show at the Rouleur Classic

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