Desire: Sagan Collection S-Works 7

Next season will be Peter Sagan’s ninth as a professional cyclist. Since his World Tour debut at the 2010 Paris-Nice, where he secured two stages and the green points jersey – he’s won over a lot of fans. And a few more green jerseys. And some rainbow ones. And a big cobble…

He’s a rider that’s difficult to overlook on any terrain. Even if he didn’t think he’d ever win Paris-Roubaix, others had more faith. There are classics guys, climbers, sprinters, GC contenders, and then there’s Sagan. A category all of his own. Wouldn’t it be good to be in his – Sagan Collection S-Works 7 – shoes?

The S-Works designers have used the Powerline carbon sole for Sagan Collection shoes. It’s resulted in the brands lightest and stiffest kicks to date. But, lightness and stiffness are nothing without comfort.

The best chance a rider has of winning a race is to get to the business end in the best condition possible, which is why S-Works have used its new Padlock Heel system and opted for a fabric called Dyneema for the upper for optimum support and comfort.

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The material doesn’t stretch, which sounds counterintuitive to comfort, but it’s been used as it holds the foot securely in position for better power transfer. To adjust the fit to suit, S-Works has thrown on a pair of plush, CNC machined BOA dials.

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