Desire: Rouleur’s go-to gear

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that, when it comes to their bikes, the Rouleur gang likes a bit of bling. But we’d be lost without the little things. Those indispensable, in(/less)expensive items that slide into our jersey pockets or our bottle cages; lock onto the front of our bike or the back; protecting our heads or our eyes. Here are a few of our favourite things.

Andy Hill, Publisher – Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2 Inflator 


“This has got me up and running pronto after an untimely puncture or two – there’s nothing worse than faffing at the side of the road to fix a flat – and it fits nicely in the pocket with a couple of spare canisters. I never leave home without it, whether I am riding the winter hack or my best bike. [Andy owns a grand total of 14 bikes] Top-notch product and cheap as chips.”

Miles Baker-Clarke, Desire model and gear geek –Silca Seat Roll Premio


“The humble saddlebag made pretty. The Silca Premio Seat Roll is a functional bit of kit, sure, but it comes with enough style that you don’t mind attaching it to even your nicest bike. How many saddlebags can you say that about? Three internal compartments provide plenty of storage, the cotton canvas is waterproof and it’s got a Boa dial too. What’s not to like?”

George Scott, Desire Managing Editor –Wahoo Elemnt Bolt


“Garmins are so ubiquitous on handlebars the world over that Garmin itself has become a byword for bike computer, regardless of the brand name that adorns the unit. In recent years, however, Wahoo has gone toe-to-toe with the industry heavyweight and the Elemnt Bolt is a permanent fixture on my bike: compact, generous battery life and with enough data to satisfy the most numbers-obsessed cyclist. And, crucially, it just works.”

Ian Cleverly, Desire Executive Editor –Bollé Shifter


“There came a point a few years back when, riding in the lanes of Kent, riders passing in the opposite direction would wave and shout “Hello Ian”, but I had no idea who they were… Time for prescription lenses, clearly, and Bollé provided the perfect answer. Now I am safer, recognise my fellow cyclists, and look almost as cool as Romain Bardet. Well, we can all dream, can’t we?”

Stuart Clapp, Desire Editor –POC Ventral Air SPIN


“I always wear a helmet. For me, it’s not just safety equipment; it’s an essential part of my kit. I’ve been wearing the latest helmet from POC, the Ventral Air Spin, the one on the EF Education First riders this season. It combines low weight, optimal ventilation and just a smidge of aerodynamic gain thrown in for good measure. And it looks really cool, which is important. It’s a worthy successor to the POC Octal.”

Bruce Sandell, Managing Director – Coloral 1947 Bottle


“The reissue of this fabulous bottle has been a longtime in the making and Rouleur were right there from the very start of the journey, when Tom Cartmale acquired the rights to bring the brand back to life. Despite its cult status, Coloral’s production ceased completely in the mid-1950s due to manufacturing pressures. I love all the attention to detail and passion that has gone into it. It has been re-sized for a modern bicycle, but it is best as your go-to water carrier, off the bike.”

Andy McGrath, Rouleur Editor – Rouleur t-shirt


“It might be minimalist, but this catches the eye too. When I wear it on the job at bike races, fans and professional cyclists alike regularly spot it. I like to think it adds a little more to our credibility.”



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