Desire: Colnago 64 Gold Private Collection

It’d never been as hot in the city as it was that day. The hotel lobby was air-conditioned so we said our goodbyes to Ernesto Colnago inside and talked about bikes. He asked what we rode and what we liked. Everyone seemed to give a different answer to what we liked. Ernesto told us he liked a bike to be “semplice”. Simple.

The conversation could’ve been with any cyclist in any city, however, it’s pretty surreal shooting the – artificial – breeze in a nondescript hotel with the man at the helm of one of the greatest bike brands in the world. 

The latest version of the C64 to come out of Ernesto’s company is this, the C64 Gold. Limited to just 64, could this be the most desirable bike out there right now? Supply and demand might be a little off kilter for this one. 

The C64 Gold has been built up with the best, money no object, specifications. It has a set of Lightweight Meilenstein C 24D Schwarz Ed wheels, Ceramic Speed bottom bracket and an electronic Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset; an Srm Origin power meter with carbon fibre rings produced with Carbon Ti and hydraulic disc brakes.

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Time has passed since that conversation in the lobby and opinions can change. New bikes and technology have come along and maybe Ernesto’s minimalistic ideals have come around too. The C64 Gold isn’t simple, it’s just modern, but it’s simply bellissimo and we think Ernesto would be happy with that.



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