Cover stories: issue 106 – Empower

Our issue 106 cover stars. Empower is the word

We wanted somebody special for this very special edition of Rouleur. When we walked into our local velodrome for a Thundercrit meeting – brakeless fixed-wheel criteriums on tight, twisty circuits – we knew we’d found the right crowd.

Everywhere you looked, there were joyous, wonderful faces enjoying the vibes – whether racing or spectating with a drink in hand. And everybody was happy to have their portrait taken by Sean Hardy – well, who wouldn’t?

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Ten of the best made it into the magazine feature too – not necessarily because they had the loveliest faces, but because they had interesting things to say regarding widening the demographic of cycling and improving its appeal across the board, which is the theme of this issue.

For the cover, it had to be Yewande – or Yewie to her friends. Everything about her is just right, even her nails.

Special mention to Tommy, below, who also merited serious consideration. Sean clocked him the second he appeared in the velodrome and whisked him aside for a photograph.

And he also provided one of the quotes of the issue, which we put with his portrait on page 3: “Anybody can come. Just bring yourself, bring your bike. It’s a fun thing.”

Thank you, Tommy. And thank you, Yewande. You made our day.

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