Win with Rouleur - £1,000 to spend at Café du Cycliste

When one of the most stylish and charismatic brands in cycling gives you the chance of winning £1,000 worth of kit, it's worth a listen...

Cafe du Cycliste

In the world of kit, Café du Cycliste have built a reputation around producing quality, stylish apparel, with a quirky French twist. The materials are bold, patterns are brave, always pushing our perception and our idea of convention. 

We're pleased to partner with them and offer you a chance to win £1,000 to spend in store or online. No strings attached, just enough kit to see you through winter and beyond. 

For your chance to win, simply enter your details below. We'll draw a winner after the 10th of November. 


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About Café du Cycliste

Inspired by its beautiful birthplace of Nice, Café du Cycliste has been making premium, innovative clothing since 2009. With a penchant for brave French styling and particular attention to their fine women's collection, Café du Cycliste has amassed a following for their atypical approach to cycling fashion.

For more on Café du Cycliste, visit their website. 


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Dan novembre 11, 2020

Rouler captures the excitement of cycling. A great read each month.

Peter novembre 11, 2020

Rouleur…the best cycling articles by far.

Gerry Rafferty novembre 11, 2020

Fantastic prize, in bocca al lupo🍀 Viva Rouleur and Café du Cycliste.

Vincent Volmer novembre 11, 2020

Fantastic prize, in bocca al lupo🍀 Viva Rouleur and Café du Cycliste.

Vincent Volmer novembre 09, 2020

❤️ how lovely!

Hilary Yafai novembre 02, 2020

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Guus van Domburg ottobre 29, 2020

Excellent and unique kit that you cannot get anywhere else. Especially their Audax range, brilliant and well thought out features on the jerseys. Just love it!

Peter ottobre 28, 2020

Café du cycliste is the place to be in Nice

Sylvain Levesque ottobre 28, 2020

Sartorial elegance à velo! Café du Cycliste is the marque of quality, riding out at tete de la course in a field of dilettantes.

Keith Cunningham ottobre 28, 2020

J’aime votre concept

Sanchez ottobre 28, 2020

Fantastic prize

Craig Templeton ottobre 28, 2020

Muito bom eu quero

Cláudio Bernardino Martins ottobre 28, 2020


Robert Wallace ottobre 28, 2020

Fantastic prize, if I won I’d share it

Johnny Parker ottobre 28, 2020

I could really do with some stylish clothing for my bike rides – fingers crossed 🤞

Josephine Pett ottobre 28, 2020

A Generous competition prize (if won LOL)

Derek Nelson ottobre 28, 2020

Love Rouleur a happy subscriber

David Cornwall ottobre 28, 2020

They are a fantastic brand and well fitted and very competitive price

Michael Pelham ottobre 28, 2020


Ion ottobre 28, 2020

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