The Best Men's Cycling Jerseys: The Desire Selection

A cycling jersey is the centrepiece of your cycling outfit. Make sure you choose a jersey you love

Finding the best cycling jersey is a minefield. Summer riding requires something that just works in about 20 different degrees Celsius, a comfortable fit with minimal sagging, and the ability to be crammed full of a ride’s worth of layers, mechanical support, and nutrition when required. And that’s before you get to the most important thing – each jersey has to fit seamlessly with your overall vibe.

First things first, pro kit splashed with random sponsors is a no-no – you’re not getting paid to advertise laminate flooring, after all. Garish designs are also out; unless they are the right garish designs, of course.

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That narrows down the field a bit, leaving you with a wide selection of plain, block colours or subtle patterns that will help you stand out or blend in to your heart’s content.

We’ve refined the 2022 releases even more, curating a selection of six jerseys that we think will be at home in anyone’s on-bike wardrobe.

MAAP Emblem Pro Hex jersey

£135, Shop MAAP

Hot days call for a wafer-thin top layer, so who better to design a mid-summer jersey than the Aussie experts at MAAP, where temperatures on test rides often exceed 30°C.

Its pro fit is close without being constricting, and its SPF 50+ sun protection ensures those hard-to-reach places are covered. But be warned – its elbow-length sleeves could play havoc with those carefully crafted tan lines.

Available in four pastel hues and an eye-catching white and gold combination, this is the discerning cyclist’s lightweight option.

Rapha Men’s Classic jersey

£110, Shop Rapha

Look past the cycling club-exclusive drops and the essays on the labels:  Rapha makes some great kit.

Take its Classic jersey as a prime example. Revamped with a Merino blend, it is at home between the full spectrum of cool starts and baking blasts, and it will carry on performing ride after ride, year after year.

The 2022 colourways lean heavily on muted, almost autumnal palette, and if you’re worried about this sort of thing (again, get over it), the only giveaway that you’re sporting a Rapha jersey is the signature armband.

La Passione Prestige Thermal Jersey - Caramel

£81, Shop La PassioneOk, maybe not everyone would love the caramel colour. Still, the good news is that the Prestige Thermal Jersey from La Passione also comes in five different variants: black, blue, burgundy, orange, and beat lime. So there's plenty to satisfy every taste.

Apart from the subjective aesthetic choices, the Prestige is objectively a minimalist winter jersey that doesn't compromise performance. It's made of high stretch fabric and features a pro-cut fit that will keep you warm between 8° to 15° C.

Finally, its medium weight (324 g) will also not hold you back if you need to put the hammer down or if you tackle long climbs under falling leaves.

Rouleur Colours of the Peloton

£110, Shop Rouleur Colours of the Peloton

As life-long road cycling obsessives, we’ve bought, tested and ultimately worn out our fair share of jerseys. During all those hours in the saddle, our minds have been known to wander, crafting a Lycra-based Frankenstein monster out of all the best bits. This limited edition collaboration with ashmei is our creation come to life.

Retro in design (stripes equal speed) but modern in cut, the lightweight fabric has the breathable capabilities to keep you comfortable regardless of temperature, while its UPF 50+ rating will protect against the sun’s rays. Finished with subtle Rouleur detailing – a signature R roundel on the chest and logo on the pockets – this is one own-brand offering you won’t be turning your nose up at.

Le Col Pro Jersey II

£130, Shop Le Col

The act of cycling is one of the greenest ways of getting around, so it’s only right that the kit you wear matches that ethos. But don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go full hippy and pivot to hemp clothing just yet – even if Lachlan Morton is trying to make sandals a thing.

Le Col’s updated Pro jersey is made from 100% recycled materials, providing a performance-worthy and planet-friendly piece that allows you to keep your conscience as clean as your bike’s chain (which is always spotless, right?).

Isadore Signature

£120, Shop Isadore

We’ll let you into a little secret – pro isn’t always the way to go. While it can be fun to get kitted out in aero-optimised garms that have been refined in a wind tunnel, the reality is that a skin-tight fit isn’t going to get you to the mid-ride coffee stop that much quicker.

A slim-but-streamlined option like the Signature jersey by Isadore is a much more suitable (and gracious) approach. Made from a Merino wool blend, it can handle the changeable conditions common across northern Europe, and will keep you comfortable while it’s doing it.

BBUC Everyone Jersey

€178, Shop BBUC

We’re big fans of brillibrilliant/unicorn over at Rouleur. The Vienna-based outfitter caused a storm (well, for cycling) with its copycat capsules, releasing limited edition lines that tapped into the spoofed styles of streetwear dons Palace and Supreme.

If you think of drops more as a part of a handlebar than how you buy your clothing though, then you’re in luck. BBUC also does its ‘Everyday’ minimalist range, which has all the same tech and construction – soft raglan sleeves, a moisture-resistant zipped fourth pocket, UPF 30+ rating – of its short-run collections but without the risk of missing out.