The best gifts for cyclists

From stocking fillers to luxury gifts, our picks for every cyclist’s wishlist

The tins of Quality Street have crept their way back onto the supermarket shelves. You’re reluctantly thinking about how many people you need to send cards to this year and who will sit where on the dining room table when the big day comes. The cheesy adverts are popping back up on your TV screen, twinkly lights are being strung and trees hoisted up, drenched in bright baubles. Finally, you’re trawling the internet to try and work out what on earth to buy for that person who has been blabbing about bikes all year. Or maybe you are just that person, writing your wish list and hoping your loved ones are feeling generous.

Either way, you’ve got a simple task at hand, because cyclists are pretty easy to buy for. Part of its charm and perhaps part of its curse, cycling is a sport which justifies an almost infinite list of kit. With brands constantly releasing new products, there’s always something fresh and exciting to try. It might be a some new winter clothing to make those frosty mornings all the more enjoyable, maybe some tools or parts to finally give that trusty steed the upgrade it deserves, some stunning photography to bring your love of the sport into your home, or some wonderful cycling related literature so can immerse yourself in the world of bike riding right from the comfort of your sofa (there’s a magazine we can recommend, if you like…) 

The possibilities of gifts for cyclists are endless, and we’ve picked out some of the things that will be on the top of our wish lists this year.

Coloral 1947 Limited Edition Rouleur Bottle

This is a gift that hints at a love for the bike, but in a classic, understated way. Coloral’s 1947 bottle pays homage to the golden cycling ages of the 40s and 50s, when a metal 'bidon' was what riders used to carry water. During that era, the most recognisable bidon was Coloral, a fluted alloy bottle with a cork stopper and tooled cap signed off with a logo. Riders didn’t just use them for water, but also to preserve milk and sugar to keep energy levels high during races, and sometimes wine for those big celebrations if they were victorious. 

In collaboration with Rouleur, Coloral has revived this iconic bidon and made it suitable for the modern user. The reengineered 14 fl.oz Coloral bottle is upgraded using food-grade stainless steel brushed for a muted finish. Its robust design is lightweight, compact and will fit modern bottle cages. It’s been vacuum insulated to keep cold drinks cool and your hot drinks piping hot, and there’s no plastic used in the flask or its packaging. Drink up!

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Sportful Merino Wool Socks

We’ve all received socks at Christmas at some point in our lives and it would be fair to say they are not always the most exciting gift. Bright red ones plastered in reindeers or father Christmases aren’t exactly wearable all year round, and they tend to sit gathering dust for the rest of the year. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Good socks are a crucial part of any cyclist’s armoury; there’s no worse feeling than freezing toes on a bike ride that require thawing in front of a radiator for hours afterwards. Sportful’s Merino Wool Socks are the perfect pick for a pair of socks that will actually be extremely useful for a cyclist, ensuring that feet are kept cosy no matter how much the temperature drops.

Merino wool is known for its warming properties, but Sportful has moulded this classic fabric to make these socks great for wearing when doing exercise. The merino wool is combined with nylon to add stretch and durability so the feet are kept comfortable as well as warm. It’s not all about the toes, either, Sportful’s socks also have a higher cuff with a padded terry-knit merino front to protect the ankles and a padded footbed for an even more snug fit. Say goodbye to socks being the present which requires some slightly forced smiling, these merino socks are a genuinely great gift.

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Rouleur Magazine Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving. If there’s one way to remedy that deflating feeling when all gifts are given and opened, it’s with a subscription: the present that keeps coming throughout the year, even when the festivities are over. We might be slightly biased, but we think there is no better subscription for a cyclist than one to Rouleur magazine. A publication produced by cyclists for cyclists, Rouleur tells the human stories from inside the sport. From articles about professional men’s and women’s racing, to impressive feats of ultra-endurance, to exploring the world on two wheels and some of the finest tech in the cycling world and more, every magazine has something for everyone. Rouleur is a proudly independent publication which is supported by thousands from across the world, using the best writers and photographers to create a collectable magazine that can be treasured for years to come.

With a gift subscription to Rouleur, the recipient will receive 4 issues delivered to their door and access to the Rouleur app and online web reader where they can read the latest issue and over 60 archive editions. We’ll send a printable gift card so that there’s still something they can open on the big day, plus you can pick the exact date when you want the subscription to start. Ride fast, read slow.

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Attaquer All Day Quilted Gilet

A gilet is a crucial item of clothing for any cyclist. Once the cold wind starts to bite, every rider needs a gilet stowed neatly in the back pocket of their jersey or jacket which they can rely on to stop cold air hitting those all important core muscles. Australian brand Attaquer has managed to tick all the requirements of a good gilet with their All Day Quilted Gilet. The ‘quilted’ material across the front and shoulders makes it feel like someone is giving you a warm hug when you zip up, but the gilet is still breathable and flexible for optimum comfort. Attaquer’s gilet is made with Primaloft – a material originally developed for the US army – which is quick drying and windproof. On top of that, the gilet features a water resistant shell, a dual zipper and external pockets meaning that snacks or tools can be reached easily on the move, even when fingers are stiff from the cold.

With its cool, understated branding and fashionable, muted colour options, this Attaquer gilet will put a smile on the face of any recipient and will also save them from suffering in the cold on long days on the bike. Quilted outerwear is rarely seen in cycling kit, but Attaquer says its warming properties are revolutionary. This makes the All Day Quilted Gilet a unique and interesting gift for any cyclist who likes to be ahead of the trends when it comes to cycling apparel. 

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Castelli Perfetto RoS 2 Jacket

There’s plenty of great things about the festive period, but for the cyclists among us, one of the best is that we are given a little bit of extra time to spend on our bikes. This means that we need a jacket which is going to keep us warm as the skies turn snowy or the heavens open, and you need look no further than Castelli Perfetto RoS 2 Jacket. Castelli has been one of the leaders in the winter cycling apparel market for decades – the classic Italian brand has a firm grasp on what it takes to create high quality, high performance kit.

The RoS 2 Jacket is made from two Gore-Tex fabrics so it is both windproof and water resistant, making it a wardrobe staple. It’s a jacket that can be worn with a lightweight base layer on those warmer days, or layered up over the winter months – a versatile item that will certainly get a heavy amount of usage. Castelli offers a range of colour options depending on if the cyclist in your life is suited to a more understated look, or likes to stand out from the crowd in fluorescent yellow or a striking blue. Reflective logos, a two-way zipper and extra storage are just a few more of the features that make the Castelli Perfetto RoS 2 Jacket a gift that is bound to put a smile on the face of any lucky recipient.

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Silca HX One Home Essentials Allen Key Tool Set

When a keen cyclist isn’t out riding their bike, it’s pretty likely they’ll be working on the mechanics of it. It might be saddle or handlebar adjustments to get that perfect fit, or maybe it’s popping on some new bottle cages or a lighter computer mount for those marginal gains, there’s always some upgrades to be made. These can all be done a little bit easier with some good quality tools, and Italian brand Silca have long been in the business of creating those. With a 100-year legacy, Silca tools and pumps have been used throughout generations of professional mechanics and cycling lovers who want to make sure their machines are running as smoothly as possible.

An Allen Key tool set is the perfect place to start when it comes to building a collection of tools. The Silca HX One Home Essentials Allen Key Tool Set has clearly been designed by those who know what it’s like to labour over a bicycle: it’s completely one-hand accessible with a magnetic closure system and specifically designed tool slots, the tools are made with S-2 Tool Steel which is said to be especially durable, and each tool is spray coated with a high-grip, high-visibility textured polymer finish for maximum control. It’s all packaged into a classic looking fully CNC machined Beechwood box (which is also environmentally friendly), making it a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys spending time tinkering with their bikes.

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Rapha Explore Bar Bag

Bar bags are the latest trend to catch on in the cycling world, and it’s for good reason. They offer extra storage on those long, all-day rides for snacks and spares, meaning you can wave goodbye to heavy, overstuffed pockets and say hello to a nicer, lighter feeling on the bike. Bar bags fit neatly onto the front of the handlebars without impacting on steering or skewing weight, and they are conveniently placed so they can be accessed on the move without having to stop by the side of the road. 

Rapha’s Explore Bar Bag is a great choice of bar bag. Unsurprisingly for the trendy British-founded brand, it looks cool and classic, coming in a range of wacky colour options to add some spice to your style on the bike. With separate zippered sections, PU coating inside for high water resistance and an easy attachment to the bike with self-engaging Velcro straps, it’s made for long days out where you need to be able to rely on your equipment to do the job. In fact, Rapha’s Explore bar bag actually looks stylish enough to wear as a cross-body bag off the bike too, coming with a long strap so it can be worn when it’s not being used on a bike ride. This makes it a great gift which is bound to get lots of use by any cycling lover, especially one who likes to head off the beaten track for impressive, long distance adventures.

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Rouleur Team Car Bone China Mug

Cyclists and coffee go hand in hand, and a good coffee is only as good as the cup you’re drinking it out of. These Rouleur Team Car mugs give a nod to cycling’s rich history, with iconic, timeless illustrations of classic team cars through the ages. From Campagnolo, to Raleigh, to Peugeot, these cars tell a story of the sport’s past, and are even stylish enough to just leave out on the mantelpiece as decoration. For a cycling lover, these mugs show that you’re in the know when it comes to the heritage of the sport you love, making them the ideal gift. 

These mugs are more than their design, though. There’s no clunky, thick rim here, instead, Rouleur has partnered with Duchess China to use fine British bone china for that optimum drinking experience. Duchess China is one of the few true remaining British Manufacturers of bespoke fine bone china tableware, teaware and giftware. So, get the kettle on, or the coffee brewing, and drink with Rouleur-esque style this festive period.

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Ashmei Merino Base Layer 

A base layer is the foundation to any cycling outfit, helping to regulate body temperature, wick away sweat, and most importantly, keep riders warm when clocking up those winter miles. 

The base layer by ashmei is made from super-soft merino wool fabric that can be worn with just a jacket or as a third thermal layer underneath a jersey and a jacket for those single-digit days on the bike. Available in a range of colours with a tailored fit, the base layer provides versatility across all cycling disciplines and rides without compromising on performance. Plus, merino’s antibacterial properties also mean the base layer stays fresh in the face of repeated use. A winning present all-round – less washing, environmentally friendly, and a happy, warm cyclist.

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MAAP Indoor Training Towel 

Thanks to the advent of indoor training, cold, wet weather won’t stop cyclists from maximising their performance gains and riders can now get their cycling fix all year round. However, no matter how cold it might get outside, most cyclists will have the fan on full blast and drip sweat all over the floor when pounding the pedals on the turbo trainer.

Instead of using a regular towel, why not give an indoor cycling set-up an upgrade with a MAAP indoor training towel which is designed to absorb moisture and stop sweat from lying stagnant on the bike. The towel secures over the handlebars, so there will be no distractions when putting in those hard efforts. With MAAP's branding across the towel in either navy or white, this is a pretty cool addition to their indoor cycling pain cave.

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