Proven in Hell: Continental's tubeless Grand Prix 5000 S TR tyre

The new Grand Prix 5000 is lighter, faster, tougher, and hookless compatible. Plus, it just won Paris-Roubaix.

With tubeless tyres sweeping their way across the peloton towards the end of this season, Continental has announced an update of its ubiquitous Grand Prix 5000 model. Already used to good effect during races, including the first rainy Paris-Roubaix in 19 years, the latest Grand Prix 5000 S TR claims to be tougher, faster, and lighter than the model it supersedes.

Along with this trinity of benefits, the new version of the well-respected tubeless Grand Prix 5000 tyre is also now compatible with hookless rims. A trend that's been bubbling away for a couple of years, hookless rims have the potential to drop serious weight from your wheels. However, a lack of compatible tyres has made many firms and consumers reluctant to embrace the technology. Yet with Zipp, Enve, and Cadex all making hookless models, the addition of tyres from the world's best-known manufacturer means you're only going to be hearing more about the technology in future.

Anyway, back to the new tyres. Despite retaining the same BlackChili compound, Vectran puncture protection, and LazerGrip technology, each is now 50g per tyre lighter. Available in sizes 25, 28, 30, and 32c, claimed weights are a neatly matching 250g, 280g, 300g, and 320g.

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Also now benefiting from a two-ply construction, this supposedly increases sidewall protection by 28%. Rolling resistance is also apparently reduced by 20%. And although this is going to prove tricky to verify without access to a laboratory, they certainly didn't appear to slow down Filippo Ganna, who used the tyres during the successful defence of his time trial World Championship title in September.Compared to Continental's previous tubeless efforts, these latest tyres are supposedly easier to mount regardless of whether you're using a conventional or a hookless rim. With no influence on performance, yet of as much interest to some consumers, they also come with either black or tan sidewalls.

In the pipeline since 2019, the new Grand Prix 5000 S TR has been subject to 18-months of product testing. Arriving at the exact moment much of the peloton switched from the esoteric combination of glue-on tubulars and matching rims, they've already had a pretty good run when it comes to claiming high profile wins.With UK pricing yet to be confirmed, each tyre is priced at 79,90€. Likely to work out at around £70, and assuming we can find enough lorry drivers to deliver them into shops, they're available now.

Another place you can find them, along with chatting to the people involved in their development, is at Rouleur Live. Taking place in London between the 4-6th November, more information and tickets can be found here.

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