New Pinarello Grevil F – fully internal cables, better aerodynamics and added stiffness

Pinarello’s update to the Grevil gives more versatility with tyre and gearing options on a bike that’s dedicated to pure performance on gravel

Pinarello originally released the Grevil gravel bike in 2018, marketing it as an aero machine which provided riders with the option to go off-road without compromising on speed. Unlike other manufacturers, Pinarello chose not to focus on comfort and load capacity, instead introducing a bike designed for gravel racing. With the new Grevil F, Pinarello has remained true to this ambition, adding internal cable routing for better aerodynamics and improving geometry to aid handling at speed.

The new Grevil F features the same TiCR (total internal cable routing) system as seen on the Pinarello Dogma road bike. This will improve the overall performance of the Grevil as well as lead to gains in aerodynamics. Pinarello argues that aerodynamics hold the same importance in gravel as they do on road, noting that small gains are even more important when taking in to account the long distance gravel races often cover. It will also make the front end of the bike more suitable for adding bike-packing bags.

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In terms of gearing, the new Grevil F features a removable front derailleur hanger fixed on with three screws to give riders the option to use 1x or 2x gearing solutions without compromise. The bike has full compatibility with 1x and 2x except for 2x Sram mechanical.

The internal cable routing isn’t the only optimisation that Pinarello have made to improve the aerodynamics of the Grevil F. The bike features a concave down tube to reduce the drag of this area, as well as an aero seatpost. The wave shape on the Onda fork is designed to help keep airflow steady at the front of the bike.

The fork is also said to have a damping effect which makes the bike much more comfortable on rocky terrain. Elsewhere, geometry has also been optimised to improve comfort for the rider. The Twin Arms technology seen on the previous iteration of the Grevil remains, meaning that the bike’s rear triangles have similar geometry and respond in the same way to stress. Energy received through the rear axle is dispersed and absorbed more efficiently. The bike’s downtube and the bottom bracket are also asymmetric to ensure the bike responds well to the pull of the right pedal and chain.

Pinarello’s well-known FlexStay feature means the chainstays are flatter and wider so movement is soaked up to avoid any damaging stresses being placed on the tube junctions (especially at the bottom bracket) while maintaining the frame’s rigidity.

The Grevil F has been carefully designed for gravel racing. The bike’s reach is shorter with a  higher stack to allow the riders more movement in the arms, cushioning the impact of the terrain and meaning shoulders can be more relaxed for longer distances. 

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In addition, the bike’s seat clamp has been placed in front of the seatpost and hidden in the frame, rather than placed on the upper rear part of the seat tube as seen in the Dogma. This means it’s protected from dirt and grit coming from gravel roads. Bottle cages can also be installed on the downtube of the bike so that the main triangle can be used for luggage while on the move if desired.

The final big improvement seen on the new Grevil F is the range of wheel options. It can now mount road, cross and MTB tyres, compatible with 700c wheels up to 50mm and with 650b wheels up to 2.1”. Pinarello says this means the bike is suitable on any terrain, rolling fast both on and off tarmac.

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The bike comes in six different sizes using Pinarello’s “Made4you” concept, which means each frame size is individually designed (e.g.the larger sizes are dimensioned in order better to absorb the increased stress.) It’s made of Carbon Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), which can be manipulated for more or less stiffness on different parts of the frame making it more robust.

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