Gobik Warm Series 22: the buyer's guide

For 2022, the Murcia-based brand has made big changes to its summer collection, adding the Ultralite shorts and the new CX Pro Land jersey, made with recycled fabrics. We guide you through it

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Gobik's Warm Series is one of the most comprehensive collections of cycling gear on the market. The line offers excellent performance when the temperature rises and you have to deal with sweat, heat and sun. Designed for almost all disciplines, it encompasses garments for road, mountain bike, gravel, e-bike, urban cycling and whatever else comes to your mind. In that sense, Gobik blurs the boundaries between the different types of cyclists, and it's perfect for the spring and summer seasons. The series provides lightness, breathability, and a pleasant feel against humidity and high temperatures, among its main features.

Through the Warm Series, Gobik aims to push forward its technology, betting on threadless stitching and the use of new materials. The launch of the CX Pro Land models in 2022 is a step forward in using recycled fabrics. The Spanish brand wants to extend to all its products as part of its commitment to reducing its ecological footprint.

We tell you all about it in this Buyer's Guide, which features a wide variety of technical jerseys. Some of them are the result of Gobik's partnership with World Tour teams like UAE Emirates and FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope


78,00€, shop CX Pro 2.0 unisex

The CX Pro 2.0 is Gobik's flagship jersey. It features a second-skin effect through its ultra-lightweight, close-fitting, and breathable materials. It's the go-to garment for cyclists with a slim build who want to improve their aerodynamics. It is a complete jersey made up of four different fabrics, which Gobik has evolved to achieve a minimalist look.

The factory from Murcia, in the South of Spain, has managed to reformulate the structure of the previous iteration so that now the airflow is directed towards the lower back. Gobik achieved this by extending the front panel towards the back and modifying the shape of the pockets. In addition, the pockets feature Gobik's own GRS (Gobik Retention System), which ensures that you don't lose anything you store as you ride. We tested it last year in our First Look. And we could already feel its freshness, lightness, breathability, flexibility, and comfort.

The CX Pro 2.0 is a unisex model available in various colours, from the Shaffron's ochre and green, the Pink Streak's white with pink stripes and the new Fern's white and green.


85€, shop CX Pro Land unisex

That's Land's cover letter, Gobik's collection that wants to contribute to greater environmental awareness. Using the CX Pro 2.0 pattern as a base, this new model represents an unprecedented advance in the Murcian factory. The jersey is made of 90-100% recycled polyester and has achieved three international certifications to ensure the use of non-polluting elements and an ecologically responsible supply chain. The limited environmental footprint is also part of its packaging, as the jersey comes with recycled, compostable and 100% biodegradable packaging.

In addition to enjoying its technical qualities, with this jersey, cyclists will also contribute to reducing Gobik's carbon footprint and changing its industrial processes.

Without a doubt, the CX Pro Land, which is also unisex, is destined to be a bestseller. And there are plenty of reasons why.


95,00€, shop Infinity unisex
92,00€, shop Attitude 2.0 unisex

Since its inception, Gobik has encountered the highest level of competition and was pushed to bring a high-performance kit to the general public. The Infinity model, which debuts this summer, and the Attitude 2.0, which evolves from previous models, meet these requirements. Moreover, they are an excellent example of innovative craft. The Infinity is the heir to the Infinity World Tour model used by professional teams UAE Team Emirates and Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team.

Both models feature an aero and ultra-fit pattern with a threadless stitched panel assembly. This new bonding process has been used to produce ultra-lightweight pieces. In the case of the Attitude, it has meant a 20% reduction in weight compared to the previous version (105gr in size M).The Infinity, a unisex model, retains the World Tour version fabrics, although it loses the pocket's bib holder grid. The usual waistband finish is replaced by a smooth rubberised tape, allowing stability and comfort. Finally, it also features a heat-sealed hem and a small placket covering the lower end of the zip. The sleeves and pocket borders are also finished in the same way, seeking, above all, minimalism and ease of use.

On the other hand, the latest iteration of the Attitude, which opts for more vivid colours, has lengthened the sleeves and finished them with a heat-sealed hem. However, unlike its new aero sibling, these have vertical seams on the shoulders. The back is finished with siliconised elastic at the waist. The Attitude also uses a ribbed fabric on the sleeves that combines satin and matte lines.


85,00€, shop Carrera 2.0 unisex

What if the heat and humidity conditions get extreme? Gobik found the solution in the Carrera 2.0, an ultra-tight and highly-breathable jersey. The Carrera is the perfect garment for hot temperatures, but its fabrics do not interfere with its aerodynamic performance.

The perfect balance is achieved through a particular combination of fabrics: front and sleeves with textured fabrics, which reduces air resistance, and a smooth back, favouring airflow.As in other models, the sleeves are lengthened and inclined to adopt the arm's position on the handlebars, making it almost a second skin. It is also comfortable, close-fitting and stable to the body thanks to the silicone bands at the waist.

With the Carrera, also a unisex model, Gobik experimented with the design and betted with the unicolour. Minimalist, essential and elegant.


75,00€, shop Stark men / shop Stark women

Versatility is perhaps what best defines the Stark, a jersey that retains a close-fitting pattern and adapts to all types of complexions. The Stark can be used for road cycling and more relaxed rides where aerodynamics is not the primary goal. It also allows you to widen your horizons... Gravel? Why not!Flexibility is not at odds with comfort and performance. The Stark also relies on lightweight fabrics and finishes that allow a good fit to the body, such as the stitched sleeve cuffs. In addition, the three rear pockets, now using new embossed fabric, incorporate the same reinforced angled cut of other models such as the CX Pro 2.0 and the same GRS security system for worry-free pedalling.

The Stark, now available in different colours, including Lavender, has men's and women's specific models.


160,00€, shop bib Ultralite K12 men
140,00€, shop bib Absolute Revolution K10 men
120,00€, shop bib Absolute 5.0 K10 men / shop Absolute K9 women
100,00€, shop bib Limited 5.0 K10 men / shop Limited 5.0 K9 women

If the new Infinity and Attitude 2.0 jerseys represent the pinnacle of innovation, the bib shorts are the products where Gobik has achieved the best comfort for the most sensitive part of the body.

This season, the Murcia's manufacturer is launching new models such as the Ultralite K12, the lightest in the catalogue. The combination of technical fabrics, which offer adequate compression, and details such as the lower leg's perforation, stand out for breathability. In addition, the K12 chamois, flat and adaptable to each body, provides maximum comfort on extra long rides of up to 8 hours.

There are also new entries in the Absolute model known as Absolute Revolution, which represents the general public adaptation of the World Tour teams kit.

The only difference is a more extended leg panel, more uniform design and broader straps for greater support. If you want to feel and look Tadej Pogačar on the bike, the K10 chamois pad - with elastic memory, more flexible and ergonomic - will be your best companion for long rides.The 5.0 version of the Absolute model also shares the same chamois and leg length, but the fabric is textured, and the leg straps are slightly narrower. As a result, they are equally suitable for competition, intense training and maximum performance.

The women's models also feature the K9 chamois, but it's specifically designed for the female anatomy. We also like the wide variety of colours (Black, Deep Blue, Army and Slate Gray), which allows you to play almost infinitely with the jerseys.

The collection is completed with the Limited, Gobik's most versatile jersey, which has acquired some improvements, like the Absolute 5.0 leg strap. It has also changed the fabric of the shoulder strap, going for a broader and lighter perforated material. It is also completed with the K10 chamois in the men's models and the K9 for the women's models.


17,00€, shop socks unisex
17,00€, shop caps 
65,00€, shop waistcoats men and women

The Warm Series 22 would not be complete without the other components for a high-performance cycling kit. Good socks can make all the difference when the heat is on. GobiK's summer collection offers socks, hats, gloves and even ultra-lightweight waistcoats - the Plus 2.0 - to protect us from the wind and sudden changes in the weather.

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