Conquer winter with confidence: Fizik's Tempo Artica GTX cycling shoes set the standards

Know your feet will be kept warm this winter thanks to Fizik's latest road cycling shoes

This article was produced in association with Fizik

The Austrian national poet Franz Grillparzer once observed, “Cold feet make for a cold imagination and a pair of woollen socks induce good thoughts.” Grillparzer’s solution to podal frigidity was perfect for a 19th century poet and playwright looking for inspiration; he might have updated his advice on thinking good thoughts for the 21st century cyclist by substituting Fizik’s Gore-Tex-lined Tempo Artica GTX shoes for that woollen pair of socks. Cold (and wet) feet make for a miserable bike ride at this time of year, after all.

Grillparzer was a Classicist in style, which is to say that rather than finding inspiration in emotion, feeling and subjective experience as the Romantics did, there was an emphasis on form, clarity, aesthetic perfection, rationality and intellect. This is the kind of mindset a rider needs when contemplating clothing choices for rides in inclement conditions through winter. Enjoy the feeling, inspiration and romance of a bike ride as much as you want, but if you want to be thinking good thoughts through to the end of your time on the bike, the rational choice is a pair of Tempo Artica GTX shoes, and it’s a bonus that will warm the hearts of all Classical thinkers that the Tempo Artica GTX are so elegantly designed, with clean form and aesthetic perfection making them look cool, while your feet are warm. The white body gives the shoe a classic appearance.

The Tempo Artica is insulated, waterproof and breathable, with a Gore-Tex Insulated Koala membrane to repel water and a brushed fleece lining to keep feet toasty even during the most filthy conditions. The fleece lining adds comfort and insulation and a snug fit is ensured by the high density upper and the L6 Boa dial for perfect adjustment. A nylon outsole makes for a comfortable fit and moderate stiffness ensures efficient pedalling during difficult conditions. The most obvious visual cue that this is no ordinary cycling shoe is the upper Velcro closure that wraps around the ankle and extends the shoe further up the leg than a summer shoe – this adds stability and insulation to a vulnerable part of the body and keeps even more water out. The whole thing weighs only 319g, so there is all the warmth, dryness and insulation of a winter shoe, but none of the sacrifice of speed or efficiency that would come with a heavier model.

Winter is here, and it’s easy to imagine that rides at this time of year are to be endured, rather than enjoyed. However, with a pair of Fizik Tempo Artica GTX, we can face the elements with confidence and know that our feet will be as warm and comfortable at the end of a long ride as they were at the start. That alone is enough to induce good thoughts in any cyclist.

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