Comfort, speed, and style: Sarto releases special edition Raso TC

Sarto releases a special edition version of its Raso endurance bike

Sarto bikes has been a hub of innovation for over 60 years, and last year, the Italian brand demonstrated it had entered a new production era with its made-to-measure all-road aero endurance bike, the Sarto Raso. A year on from Raso’s release, Sarto has launched a special edition of its endurance model, the Sarto Raso TC. 

The Raso TC is built from Tri-Composite tubing and reinforced with metallic filaments, which Sarto says enhances the comfort and strength of the bike, whether a rider is on scenic country roads or less-than-perfect cobblestone paths, by minimising vibrations and localising mechanical stresses throughout the bike’s frame. 

Enrico Sarto, son of Antonio Sarto who founded the company in 1959, explains, “This special carbon fibre is also widely used in the automotive sector to create cockpits or helmets that are particularly resistant. The characteristics of this material are essentially threefold: excellent impact resistance, high vibration damping capacity, and unique aesthetics. That's why we spent several years on research and development to make it functional for the quality and performance of our top-of-the-range frames.”

Its streamlined one-piece cockpit and meticulously custom-formed tubes are said to be engineered to optimise airflow from every angle. This attention to aerodynamics translates to more efficient riding, Sarto says, allowing cyclists to harness their energy and cut through the wind with ease. Furthermore, with ample space to accommodate tires up to 35mm wide, the Raso TC aims to elevate comfort and performance to unprecedented levels. The handlebars are also flared to align with the natural flow of a rider's shoulders and arms, increasing comfort and control over long distances and on steep descents. 

Those are wanting to purchase a Raso TC made-to-measure bike are also able to pick from five striking colours for the metallic filament within the Tri-Composite tubing: blue, red, green, silver and copper. Sarto says it takes pride in offering a truly tailored cycling experience, and just like every other product in the brand's line up, the Raso TC is available in custom sizing to cater to the unique needs and preferences of riders. Alternatively, off-the-shelf stock sizes are readily available. 

Learn more about the Raso TC on the Sarto website

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