ASSOS adds to the DYORA collection for autumn riding

The Swiss brand has expanded its female race collection for the unpredictable autumnal weather

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter. It's the time when leaves turn crisp and take on burnt orange hues, the temperature begins to drop and the days get shorter. It’s not quite hot enough for summer kit, but not quite cold enough for the thickest thermal layers, making it a season that is notoriously hard to dress for on the bike. We must fear not, though, ASSOS’s new DYORA collection looks like it could have us covered.

In an expansion of the current DYORA race range – a female specific aero platform using the lightest and fastest fabrics – ASSOS have created an innovative layering system which is said to reduce the limitations that unpredictable autumnal weather can have on riding. The new collection offers a variety of different options when it comes to dressing, giving riders further choice and flexibility over their clothing.

The DYORA RS Spring Fall Jacket is arguably the most innovative and unique of the garments in the collection. It blurs the lines between a thin long sleeve jersey and a softshell jacket, therefore being optimum for the middling temperatures of autumn. ASSOS has achieved this by using a mixture of fabrics to make up the jacket, carefully placing each material in specific areas depending on where the wind hits and where ventilation is needed.

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The front and back upper panels are made from ASSOS’s own twinDeck fabric construction, locking out the cold wind and keeping core temperature stable. The sleeves also add insulation with the skin-facing side using a brushed fabric to add warmth. However, true to the claim that the jacket is suitable for changeable conditions, ASSOS’s ‘Diffusors’ on the shoulder panels draw in cold air, hence adding ventilation. In a collection designed for racing and intense training, this feature will likely prove invaluable to prevent overheating when riding at speeds.

Aerodynamics have not been forgotten either when it comes to the RS Spring Fall Jacket, with raw cut hems and and pre-shaped panels reducing both drag and weight, as well as offering streamlined protection. One of the benefits of the tight race-fit is that the RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet – another piece in the DYORA race range – blends seamlessly with the jacket, without the normal bulk that multiple layers can sometimes cause.

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The Aero Gilet is both windproof and waterproof, offering crucial protection for the body’s core. If a rider’s core gets cold, the body's natural defense is to stop sending blood to the extremities, meaning hands and feet can begin to lose warmth rapidly. A gilet is therefore one of the most important pieces of kit, especially one that is as highly technical as ASSOS’s new offering.

It consists of a three-layer softshell on the front and a lighter, more breathable construction in the rear of the garment. The front softshell is ASSOS’s 2XS textile that they claim “blocks chilling winds and road spray, while also locking in that precious body heat around your core.” The stretchy and lightweight construction on the back of the gilet keeps it flexible and moisture-wicking.

Should the rain hit, the outfit can be topped with ASSOS’s Spring Fall Rain Jacket, a fetching purple number that ticks the boxes of maintaining visibility in challenging weather. ASSOS claim the rain jacket does the job of protecting from the elements while also remaining lightweight, avoiding the unfortunately common feeling of overheating underneath a rain jacket.

The Spring Fall Rain Jacket is also highly packable, so it can be taken on rides as an insurance policy against any inclement weather, something that is common in the autumn. The two opening pockets on the rear serve as ventilation slots while tapered seams keep the garment as watertight as possible. An extended rear panel offers protection against spray from the road while silicon dots on the hem provide a secure fit and prevent the jacket from sliding upwards when in an aggressive race position.

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A final common predicament in the autumn is the choice between leg warmers or bare legs. While it may be too chilly for a pair of summer bib shorts, it can often feel restrictive and too hot for the addition of leg warmers or bib tights. ASSOS’s DYORA RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 aim to solve this problem, filling the gap with insulating materials and an aerodynamic fit.

The shorts have panels on the sides made from ASSOS’s OSMOS heavy fabric, a textile with a fleecy interior that feels both warm and soft against the skin. Despite the weight of the fabric, ASSOS claim that the material is still highly breathable, an important factor in bib shorts created for racing. The Spring Fall Bibs take on a compressive structure by utilising a warp-knit outer, a feature that ensures muscles are supported and also locks out any cold air that could lead to muscle stiffness.

Despite the additions to make the Spring Fall Bibs suitable for the changeable autumn weather, they keep many features of ASSOS’s S9 summer women’s bib shorts, including the rollBar bib strips and butterfly panels which ASSOS claim reduces friction as weight shifts in the saddle. The DYORA RS insert is also the same as in the summer bibs, made from microShock foam and ASSOS’s patented GoldenGate technology – an absence of stitching on the sides that allows the chamois to move with you.

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Minimalist branding and an aerodynamic fit certainly give the collection the sleek and premium feel you would expect from a high-end cycling apparel brand such as ASSOS. The Swiss company seems to have covered all bases when it comes to the unique requirements of riding as the seasons change. Stay tuned for a closer look in the next few weeks as we put the DYORA collection to the test.

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