Rouleur Conversations podcast: Shanaze Reade and Henrik Orre

Our issue 101 cover star Shanaze Reade looks back on her rise to the top of the BMX world and her battle with the bottle following retirement. 

As Shanaze tells us in her frank interview in the magazine: "I was a binge drinker, so I’d go for three days on, then take a couple of days off, and think I was all right. But inside I was dying, peeing blood, in a bad way... I was screaming for help."

Also joining host Ian Parkinson is former Team Sky chef Henrik Orre, author of three fine cycling and cooking books, and host at the soon to be opened Velochef Clubhouse in Oslo.

He tells us what is good to eat on your rides, in the house, and in the wild. Henrik will be hosting a cook-along with Rouleur on Friday, 26th February on Instagram Live, so do join us. It's a simple dish for starters, with Rouleur executive editor Ian Cleverly posing your questions and playing sommelier for the evening. Its a tough job, but someone's got to do it...

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