Rouleur staff Christmas wish list

Where others might know the Christmas holiday season is upon us by smells of mulled wine, sparkling lights and jingling bells, we cyclists have been noticing our fingertips getting colder for weeks well before now, our Sunday morning rides become a more arduous event and brake pads already wearing thin. 

Well, as a team made up of cyclists we know your pains too well, so we’ve each selected our most lusted after pieces to reward us for our determined efforts. By all means, use our picks as inspiration for you or a loved one. Alternatively, you could always buy them for us. We deserve them, after all.

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Bruce, Managing Director

John Smedley Polo Shirt
I lusted after John Smedley Polos as a Style Council obsessed teenager – as Paul Weller said ‘once a mod, always a mod – they will bury me a mod’.  I still fondly remember purchasing my first one, saved for ages for it –  so it was a great moment for me when this, our first collaboration, went on sale. This polo shirt is now in its second edition due to ongoing popularity and thanks to cool cycling touches – it continues to be a wardrobe essential for me.

Ian, Executive Editor

Tom Simpson book
Immaculately researched and beautifully presented, as you’d expect from Rouleur’s Editor Andy McGrath and Art Director Rob Johnston, this weighty tome tells the story of Britain’s trailblazing racer 50 years after his tragic demise on Mont Ventoux. With contributions from friends, family and fellow cyclists from Simpson’s era, Bird on the Wire is a compelling read, deservedly shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year.

Andy, Editor

The Wonderful Socks merino socks
Dashes of colour to brighten winter days and – take it from someone who is always losing socks – impossible to miss in the drawer.

Stuart – Desire Editor

Mavic Neutral Service Replica Car
It was Christmas 1984, I think. After dinner my older brother and sister handed my granddad another present. When he unwrapped it to reveal a box of Lego, I burst into tears. “It must be for me. It’s from Father Christmas. Why would he give Lego to an old man?”

My granddad loved Lego. And I still like toy cars/stuff to decorate my desk space. I like these Mavic neutral service cars a lot and after seeing one in real life at the Rouleur Classic, I think this is the cheaper option.

P.S. My Grandad built the Lego dumper truck and then gave it to me, after watching Only Fools and Horses.

Rob, Art Director

Climbs Collection prints
My favourite prints from this year. Very subtle, the full set looks brilliant on a wall, as witnessed at the Rouleur Classic.

Niall, Retail Marketing

Rouleur + Campbell Cole Tech Card Holder
Collaborations can get a bit weird, can’t they… Vetements  x DHL anyone? Great ones only happen when the parties involved share a genuine interest in what they’re working on. This couldn’t be more true than in our collaboration with luxury accessory makers, Campbell Cole, to create the Tech Card Holder. Exceptional design, fine craft and a joint love and understanding for cycling have resulted in a product which I’m really proud to put on sale. Seeing Adam Blythe carrying one at the Rouleur Classic was extra cool.

Nick, Online Writer

Muc-off chain lube
The first bike product you could just as easily display proudly in the bathroom, as tuck away in your tool box. Having just purchased a new steed, I’m determined to handle it with more care than the last one, so this is exactly what I need. The dropper is perfect for the precise distribution of chain lubrication, while the formula will keep her running smoothly through whatever winter throws at us.

Hugo, Digital Editor

Velochef cookbook
Tasty meals specifically designed to meet a cyclist’s nutritional needs. Perfect.

Morten, Contributor

Rouleur + Albion Waterproof Pouch
It’s the little things. Because for two decades I have changed more diapers than the peloton has had flats. So as a father I’m doing it. I’m in there – while secretly dreaming about Mallorca rides with Jan Ullrich. So when I saw the thing I said to my wife: forget Mallorca. Forget Jan. It’s cold and wet here. I want that thing for christmas. Because it’s the little things and she went: who’s Jan?

Ben, Marketing Manager

Rouleur Logo T-Shirt 
The humble t-shirt, even if plain, is not just a garment – its choice is a statement of personal identity. As a lifelong type and logo obsessive (my very first school project was on ‘Trademarks and Logos’), the Rouleur wordmark in our signature typeface is class incarnate. After a presentation on stage with Michal Kwiatkowski at the Tour of Britain a few years ago, he requested a classic Rouleur logo tee – we of course obliged and what’s good enough for a World Champion is good enough for me. Although saying that, I’m not sure I could stomach Peter Sagan’s rather garish signature t-shirts.

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