Muoverti TiltBike secures £1m in investments following Rouleur Live presentation

Launched at Rouleur Live, this freestanding and tilting training bike promises an outdoor feel to indoor training

After launching the TiltBike prototype at Rouleur Live in November, the London-based start-up Muoverti has now reached another crucial milestone in their development. The company has just announced that – in the three months after the event – they have raised a total of £1m. And that takes the total amount of Muoverti funding up to £2.4m (including a convertible loan by the government’s FutureFund).

Following the unveiling of the TiltBike at the Rouleur Live, the company "saw a significant increase in interest from the media, consumers and potential investors, resulting in this latest injection of capital," reads a press release. Muoverti's Co-Founder and CEO Christoph Wilfert added that the latest injection of capital – supported by passionate cyclists – puts the company "in a strong position to achieve upcoming product milestones, move closer towards production and recruit the talent that will bring TiltBikes to life.”

At Rouleur Live, visitors were able to hop aboard the first, fully working prototype of the TiltBike and experiences a static training experience that’s anything but settled.

Allowing for a degree of side to side movement, Muoverti’s tilt-able bike promises a far more naturalistic riding experience. Nevertheless, it has aspirations to be far more than just a more natural feeling trainer. It’s also able to steer and control your avatar within various virtual worlds.

Making it compatible with the very latest in immersive training software means you could use it to grind up a virtual climb out of the saddle before tucking in and leaning the bike to steer through the turns as you descend. 

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It’s also able to act as a controller for exploring free-roaming interactive games and e-sports platforms, including popular console titles such as Descenders. 

A mini-joystick control atop its functional brake and shift levers helps you navigate digital training programs without the need to get off the bike.

These features will become increasingly crucial as in-development software makes it to market, but there is also plenty of functionality for riders more concerned with real-world gains. The TiltBike’s free-moving nature promises to make for a more engaging experience, both in terms of motivation and the muscles cyclists use while riding. 

Based around a chassis that features elastomer guided lateral frame rotation, its self-centring digitised handlebar steering allows it to move freely under the rider. Creating a natural sensation whether seated, climbing or sprinting out of the saddle, resistance is provided via a dynamic electromagnetic system at the back of the bike. 

Measuring efforts 1,000 times per second allows the Muoverti bike to provide instant data and also helps it to mimic the feeling of rolling resistance, gradient, braking, and inertia.

At the same time, its array of in-built sensors measure power, speed, cadence, left-right balance, pedalling smoothness, torque, lateral force, and time spent seated vs standing.  

Quickly adjustable for use by multiple riders, the bike’s cockpit can also be quickly swapped to mimic different real-world applications. At the same time, gearing ratios can be digitally selected to match those from all major groupset makers. Recreating many of the sensations of cycling outside, it promises to throw many of its more staid competitors off-balance. 

The Muoverti TiltBike will be on general release in 2022. According to two-time Tour de France stage winner Simon Gerrans, a Muoverti test rider and investor, “the ability to balance and the accurate simulation of inertia and resistance are a game-changer for indoor cycling."

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