Changing the definition of endurance bikes: Wilier Triestina Granturismo SLR

A bike that has race-orientated looks, in a package that has the comfort of your body at its heart

This piece has been made in association with Wilier Triestina.

Do we all want pro bikes? Or do we just want comfortable bikes that look pro? Chances are the latter description fits a wider swath of riders, which is why Wilier Triestina’s Granturismo SLR combines a stunning, race-inspired silhouette with an award-winning compliance system to quiet even the most aggressive roads.  

The Granturismo SLR replaces Wilier’s Cento10NDR, while capitalising on its predecessor’s grand successes in compliance and performance. The Cento10NDR introduced the world to Actiflex, Wilier’s vibration damping system,  which was integrated into the seat stay/seat tube junction.  

Actiflex 2.0 integrates differently into the Granturismo but maintains the same goal: exceptional comfort for long rides. The system now integrates into the frame in front of the seat tube rather than behind it. This not only improves the system’s lateral stiffness, but it also protects the Actiflex components more efficiently from  dirt, mud, sand and rain. That means there’s less maintenance and wear.

Wilier Triestina would like to shatter the notion that endurance bikes are super-slack, heavy, and slow machines once and for all. The Granturismo looks like a race bike and offers many of the same aerodynamic advantages. While the geometry does indeed accommodate a more comfortable riding position, those geometric subtle ties don’t advertise themselves outwardly.

The HUS-MOD Carbon frame includes a liquid crystal polymer, which creates a laterally stiff platform for the Granturismo. Aerodynamic tube shapes combine with other wind-slippery touches like an aero seatpost, and a wide fork crown to  make the Granturismo a fast and efficient machine. That means less fatigue for the rider over the course of long miles.

On top of that, Wilier has included the 0 bar, the same integrated handlebar/stem included on the Wilier 0 SLR race  bike. It features a more rounded, ergonomic grip for comfort, yet also allows for internal routing through the handlebar and  stem, directly into the head tube. This keeps inefficient round shapes – your cables and  housing – out of the wind to further lower aerodynamic drag.  

Wilier has the modern rider in mind from the outset. The Granturismo SLR clears 32mm tyres, so you can take this bike just about anywhere on the tarmac or on light gravel. The wider tyre clearance also allows you to run lower tyre pressures, which reduces drag and makes you faster over the long haul. In another nod to modern riders’ needs, the front derailleur plate is removable should you choose to run a 1x system. Wilier includes a replacement plate without a front derailleur  mount to ensure you maintain aerodynamic integrity in  this area of the frame – not to mention your bike’s seamless, sleek appearance.

With the same comfort-oriented geometry as the Cento10NDR and six sizes to choose from, there’s a Granturismo SLR for just about any size and style of rider.

Best of all, the Granturismo SLR treats the world to exceptional, race-oriented looks, in a package that has the comfort of your body at its heart. The Granturismo SLR presents an ideal tool for the performance rider who isn’t necessarily toeing the line at races, but still requires efficiency, speed, light weight and comfort.

In other words, it’s the bike most of us should be – and should want to be – riding.

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