Pro cyclist Christmas gift guide

Hot on the wheels of the staff Christmas wishlist, a few stars of our sport, and friends of Rouleur, have kindly let us know what’s on their Christmas lists from the Rouleur emporium. Subtle, aren’t they? 

Tao Geoghegan Hart – Team Sky 

Rouleur + Albion Waterproof Rider’s Pouch

“In the name of saving the environment and using less (ugly and tricky) Ikea sandwich bags, I love little pieces like this. You can never have enough of them as they’re sure to grow legs and disappear for a few weeks in the pocket of a winter jacket or down the back of the sofa. They’re always needed, simply for their ability to extend the life of that silly-expensive phone from the inevitable sweat of some good, honest hard work.”

Larry Warbasse – Aqua Blue Sport

John Smedley Merino Wool Polo Shirt 

“While on the bike style is important, I think style off the bike is even more-so. These polos are simple and pure class. I’ve actually been eyeing and admiring them on social media for quite some time now! ”

Rohan Dennis – BMC Racing & Melissa Hoskins – Former Orica-AIS

Vélochef cyclist cookbook by Henrik Orre 

“Because we  food!”

Adam Blythe – Aqua Blue Sport

Rouleur + Campbell Cole Tech Card Holder 

“Slim, stylish and simple. Perfect to avoid bulky pockets whilst out on the bike”

Christopher Juul Jensen – Orica Scott

Climbs Collection A2 Art Print – Giro d’Italia

“My wife and I have recently moved into a new apartment in Copenhagen.

With my wife being an architect she typically has the upper hand when it comes to choosing what we hang on the walls. Now I may finally be in with a chance. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to have this Giro piece on display.

The giro is my favourite grand tour. I have had some epic experiences in the Giro. The 2014 edition that had the historic Stelvio in the snow day, it started in Ireland and was my grand tour debut. In 2015 I was part of Contadors winning team and in 2016 we had another unforgettable day on The Stelvio.

Surely my wife will agree to having a pleasant reminder of all that hanging on our wall!”

Dan Craven – Israel Cycling Academy (and guy who rode the Olympic TT with no aero kit)

Vélochef cyclist cookbook by Henrik Orre 

“I wish I could tell you the Velochef book is amazing – sadly I have never had one in front of me to inspect myself. What I do know is that I’m about to acquire one for myself for the simple reason that people I trust, love and/or look up to – all have that sparkle in their eyes and tone of wonder and excitement in their voices when they speak of Henrik Orre and his work. Especially as many of my sources are amazing in the kitchen themselves!

And hey – learning a few new tricks in the kitchen sounds like a great Christmas present to myself! Which, unlike yet another bicycle, is something my wife would actually approve of…”

Brian Holm – Team Quick Step sports director

Eddy Merckx 1969 Signed Print
Eddy was a piece of art and the best cyclist ever. Today he’s a member of the Quick Step board and I have the honor to meet him a few times each year.

The guy in the Faema neutral car is my first sports director Guillaume Driessens, a Belgium legend and most dedicated man I’ve ever met. After my heavy crash in Vilvoorde Kermesse back in 1986 which left me in a 3 day coma, Driessens came every morning at 8am and stayed at my side for 30 minutes.

Helen Wyman – Kona Racing – 9x British, 2x European Champion

John Smedley Merino Wool Polo Shirt

“Why? Because I want to treat my darling husband because he does so much for me.” [laughs]


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